It is the commitment and dedication of the instructional staff
that makes our camps the premier softball camps in the Midwest.

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Doug Gardner

Pitching & Hitting Instructor


Inducted into the USA Softball Wisconsin Hall of Fame, Doug Gardner attained career totals of 254 home runs, 120 triples, 278 doubles, 398 stolen bases, plus a career .380 batting average, playing at the Men's Major Level.  Doug was selected to the ISC World All-Star Team in 1977.  Doug has been a pitching and hitting instructor for high school, and intercollegiate softball for 35 years.  As a highly sought after pitching and hitting instructor, and speaker, he continues to hold private instructional sessions, camps and coaching clinics year round.

Working alongside U.S.

Olympic, professional, and former collegiate All-American softball pitchers, and having worked alongside legendary NCAA National Champion coaches, Doug has developed an instructional style that relates to all girls ranging from grade school to the collegiate level.

Mike Regner
Catching and Hitting

Mike Regner has coached high school girls softball for almost 40 years.  Once a catcher himself at the Men's Major Level, Mike serves as the head catching instructor for our camps.  Mike was inducted to the Wisconsin High School Coaches Hall of Fame.

Jim Hansen


Jim Hansen has served as a high school pitching coach for almost 35 years. Jim’s knowledge of the game and insight, helps make him one of our most well-liked instructors.  Jim has a knack for coming up with new drills that help pitchers achieve the most from their abilities.

Todd Gardner

Catching, Outfield & Hitting

A former collegiate baseball player, Todd is another one of our fine all-round instructors who teaches the proper mechanics and fundamentals of catching, hitting, and outfield. He also does private lessons with catchers,  outfielders, and for hitting.

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From time to time we bring in Guest Instructors and

Guest Coaches who have  been successful at the

collegiate, professional, and U.S. Olympic levels.

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